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i started playing from the beginning and for some reason, after killing garth, i can't go to galiano? i can go through the subway facilities and to the club, but my only options there are upstairs, subway facilities (which just leads me back to the club) and out of the club, but leaving isn't possible as it says i need to speak to galiano.

nvm, i figured it out, it has to be nighttime :P

Bonjour,  je viens de commencer le jeu et je suis deja bloqué.  J'ai reussi la mission pour remettre le moteur a 80% mais apres je reste bloqué au niveau du pont et je ne peux plus rien faire, quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider ? 😥😥😥😥

Il faut que tu ailles au réfectoire qui est à l'étage C

j'y suis allé mais y a plus rien dedans 🥺

Tu as déjà parler à Rylan ?

I enable dominant role but I still don't have the sex option with Sammuel, what am I doing wrong ? :(

I just started playing and I already love it! Although I have a quick question if you don't mind. Does increasing respect means that I will be the top? Or a power bottom? What does it change exactly?

Increasing respect makes you more dominant in sex scenes if you are a top or bottom. So yes you'll become a power bottom if you choose to increase respect.

Hi mr. Xper there's a bug on 0.0.13 update and i don't know how to fix it 😭😭 please help me😭😭 his dick kept showing on my screen everywhere i go😭😭😭

will we be able to actually see snake and gravel at a point or will it only be their shadows?

im actually stuck in the game. everytime i have to travel im told i need to refuel the ship and i dont know how to do that

In the pirate ship you must have picked up an object that is the fuel, go to the engine room to refuel it.

i must have missed that because going to the engine room does nothing and i cant even travel to the pirate ship to get the fuel. i guess i softlocked the game for myself and need to start over but thank you for letting me know what i did wrong


So I started a second file to side with Garth, but was curious if you can actually fuck him? Or any plans in the future for it?

You can have sex with him, but not fuck his ass specifically (for now). And yes, there are plans for him.

Hey, i lovew the game! I just downloaded 0,12, but before that i played on 0.07. And i started to have problems with dialogue. Instead on the right it appears on the bottom, under menu and i cant read anything. Do you know what might have happened heere?

I don't know where you will be at, to fix it you will have to work in the club and spend some time with your crew, only after you have finished the "Attack on pirates" mission, there is a particular scene that makes the text box change, if you get to that scene it should be solved, otherwise, I'm afraid you will have to start over.


Should I betray Galiano????


I really love being Galiano and Rylan's bitch and slave,so enjoyable!!!Looking foward to future things <3

So i think I ran into a bug??? I can't tell Galiano or the bartender farewell when leaving for the pirates quest the option just does not appear for some reason.

Also can't wait to see more Galiano or Fernando content! Keep up the awesome work

We removed that conversation, it is no longer necessary to leave Akra. Thank you!


May I ask, when will Alastor become more active?

After finishing off garth and having all the conversations with galiano it appeared the option to have sex with him, but when i click it,  all of the other options dissapear, you can go back normally to the other options but not have sex with him, is there anything you should do before doing stuff with him?

Nvm i managed to do it, thanks to the walkthough

What is the code to the vault?


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Sorry to bother, but is it possible I'm stuck on Akra? I forgot about the main mission "Escape from Akra". Now, after having defeated Garth, there's nothing else to do other than wait for Katari to do his job and for some reason the option to talk to Galiano about it isn't available anymore. It vanished but when I have no idea. This is shown after clicking on > Jobs.


After defeating Garth there are no more jobs. What does Katari tell you when you talk to him?

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Thanks for letting me know. He says I have to wait a few days for him to finish his work, which is easy enough. The mission says wait until day 16 to talk to him.

Alright, I've got everything done now and can finally leave Akra, not that I didn't enjoy my stay mind you. Are 40 pills of each kind enough for now? (a rethorical question of course)


By the way, can you actually open the vault in the Sithyryan ship? (Nevermind tysm for the guide! I typed in Bradly without knowing, but not in captions oops)

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How to have options with Sammuel? It doesn't appear anything even with the 'dominant' role :( Amazing game BTW :D

You need at least 1 point of respect and be top-dominant.

how can get a 1 cumtastic pill ?

you can buy it at the sexshop in Arka Leuka ;)


so do i have options with katari or just hugs

so i have bradley already dead and diary didn't update with new quests after loading, do i have to start over?

The content with Bradley dead is not yet done, so I recommend you do the route with him alive to access the rest.


What a fantastic game and experience this is! In my stupor I forgot that I had downloaded Lust Odyseey, but luckily I saw it just a few hours ago in my apps and have been playing through it ever since. I'm honestly shy of saying I'm addicted... The amount of creatures you encounter as well as the sentient beings you can befriend and... fuck... is really quite impressive. However, I'm still only at the beginning, farming the Venom-like slightly intelligent mutations. (But according to the images above there's much more, so...)

One CG scene for every sex scene with a sentient is probably way too much to ask for, plus the development started not too long ago. (Nevermind above are CGs after all). Perhaps the newest version offers CGs, despite having the same name from the previous one I still had (Android). Well, I'm more than simply excited for where the journey will lead us! Whatever is planned for the future I can tell will be great.

What can I say? Congratulations for everything you achieved so far. Definitely more people need to experience this masterpiece! Therefore I've added your project to many of my collections, just to help some out. (Maybe a couple of my subscribers, who make use of them, will find and also enjoy Lust Odyseey~)


Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. For now, we have done 2 CG's and we have more planned, but it is not in our plans to do a CG of all the scenes.

Alright, doesn't matter. The gameplay and story are already captivating enough.

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Hey how do I have sex with Egon's dad? When I interact with him he just cries lol

First you have to have sex with him in the club, for this you must go naked or wear the outfit of the SexShop. Then you can have sex with him at Egon's place if you follow his route.

So can Rylan actually be enslave or was it just something we were saying?

Enslaving NPC's is not yet implemented.

Ger trouble when i want improve ship

Just twice i cant improve,, but when i want improve for the third just error

You just have to do it once. In the next version, the "Build" button will disappear after the first time.

Where do you find the code for the door for Bradley


The code is BRADLEY


Sorry to bother, but I keep getting this error message after speaking with Gialrano.

Sorry for that, I'll upload a new version to Patreon in a few minutes.

S'all Right!

Hello I have a problem if it is one I can not get Ferlando it no longer appears in the Work option at the club what should I do 

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how many money can pay give to him ?


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25k DR ? right ?

How do you get him to "move in"?

Is there any easy ways to win Bradley?

I would like to say ton of bombs but then again doubt my words as idk either

Change game difficulty to easy.

i used an evasion build (perception and dexerity), get the gas from arthur in the lab to reduce all his stats by 50, and give your gun to alastor to upgrade it in the workshop (on the pirate ship, not your ship)

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Love your game! Especially the scene with Galiano and the dog bowl! And when I had the date with Rylan and made him my master I couldn't stop imagining a scene like that in the ship's lunchroom with everyone treating the player like a vulgar dog, making him eat cum out of the bowl or directly from the source.

Great work, continue like that!

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  • Can someone help how to Finish lacchus Task


Hey,, can i ask password for Vault in pirates base?? 

Get error trouble when i want see this scene

It's a bug already fixed in version 11. At the moment, it's only for patrons until it's released to the general public next week.


check the guide:

Aa,, thank you so much for your help... ❤😍

So when starting Rylan's date quest you go shopping with Arthur and he joins you in the dressing room..... When he gets naked is there any way to have fun with him or is the only option to tell him to get out? 

You should have an option to do so, at least I did

Weird, I don't have one. Not sure if you need a high enough stat with him or what

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You need at least 1 desire point with him.

So I'm confused then, I do have a desire point with him? But it's still not happening....unless I'm reading it wrong 😅

That's correct. You'll get these options when shopping:

so, select "Let him in". You'll get at least one option to have sex with him unless you are playing as a submissive top exclusively. Another way in which no options for sex can appear to you is if you are playing as dominant and have negative respect from your crew.

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After the drinking the cum scene how long does it take for the lonely werewolf to come back? I've wait a few days, and they haven't yet.


The werewolf no longer returns to the club if not to be hired, you need to keep progressing in the main quests to unlock that.


is there going to be cheat cookies like in lustful desires?

In the Patreon Meta-human version, I think you can just cheat your stats instead of using items


oh so its only for patreon users…ya im ganna go back to lustful desires. its basicaly the same game


you do you pal

You realize the only reason those cheats were implimented in the first place was because the creator had to basically do an overhaul of the that caused everyones saves to get corrupted right?  Not everyone is going to include that let alone in a free version.

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